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Diamond Grid

DiamondGrid™: Toughen your terrain with the strongest in the game.

DiamondGrid™ can carry up to 100 Tons Per Square Foot and is 100% Recycled Polypropylene.

UV stabilized  |  Relocatable  |  DIY  |   Interlocking system  |  Made in Canada


Versatile and built to last

DiamondGrid™ is engineered for load of up to 100 Tons per square foot, with up to 96% permeability, used extensively for all driveways, hardstands, and shed flooring.


Cost efficient

DiamondGrid™ is also an alternative to traditional concreting - carrying a comparable load at up to 91% cost savings.


Tough and sustainable

DiamondGrid™ is proven for heavy static and high-frequency traffic load, for mining, construction, and agriculture.

Recommended fill options


For more information, call 604-886-0924 or visit

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