Garden Soil

Soils & Mulch

Soils & Mulch

We carry a wide variety of quality soil products and soil amendments, including a full line from Nurseryland Canada.

Bulk Materials

Our bulk bins are always full and we sell our product by the yard, half-yard and 5-gallon/20L pail. Come by and load up, or call to book a delivery. We deliver anywhere on the Sunshine Coast and in most cases can offer same-day delivery. Delivery fees start at $85. Call 604-886-0924 for a quote.

For bulk bin shoveling, please keep in mind the following weights for lifting:

Gravel: 100lbs per pail

Soil: 40-50lbs per pail

Mulch: 30lbs per pail


Garden Mix

The perfect all purpose mix for your garden growing needs. Can be used for most gardening and landscaping projects. A 75% compost and 25% sand mix that provides sustained soil fertility, soil structure, growth stimulants and enough porosity to improve drainage. 


Turf Mix

A lightweight product for lawns, parks, golf courses and sports fields. A 55% compost and 45% sand mix that provides excellent drainage. It is a stable base that meets your turf and seed requirements. Excellent for top dressing your lawn.


Compost Blend

A rich, 100% compost soil product, this soil amender is a significant source of organic matter that improves plant growth by enhancing your soil's physical properties, providing a source of energy to beneficial soil organisms and enriching the reservoir of soil nutrients. 

Container Growing, Garden Use & Seed Starting

  • Nurseryland All Purpose Mix, 24L & 50L

  • Nurseryland Premium Container Mix, 50L

  • Nurseryland Organic Potting Soil, 20L and 45L

  • Nurseryland Indoor Potting Mix, 6L, 12L & 30L

  • Nurseryland Cactus & Succulent Mix, 6L

  • Nurseryland Starter Mix, 6L & 20L

  • Pro-Mix Orchid Mix, 5L

  • Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae, 3.8 cu.ft.

  • Dutch Treat Indoor Soil, 10L

  • Dutch Treat Soil, 5L

  • Dutch Treat Starter Mix, 25L

Soil Amendments

  • Nurseryland Power Top Soil, 30L

  • Nurseryland Soil Doctor, 33L

  • Nurseryland Mushroom Compost, 10kg

  • Nurseryland Steer Manure, 10kg

  • Nurseryland Organic Fish Soil, 24L & 50L

  • Beats Peat Coco Coir, 3 cu.ft.

  • Pro-Mix Perlite, 9L

  • Pro-Mix Vermiculte, 9L

Assorted Soil Amendments

  • Washed sand

  • Gravel

  • Bark mulch

  • Landscape rock

  • Lava rock

  • Bark nuggets


Steer Manure

A great addition to your vegetable gardens, flower beds, shrubs and an excellent mulch for roses and clematis.


Bark Mulch

Fine Hemlock/Fir blend. Reduces weeds, enhances growth, conserves water, and protects your soil from erosion and compactions while improving landscaping aesthetics.