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B&K's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Here are our staff picks for the most desirable gifts this year, with choices for every experience level and every budget! All items listed are available in-store, with more new pieces arriving daily. Happy shopping!

Gift ideas for indoor plant collectors

Not sure what to get the houseplant connoisseur in your life? Goodies for green thumbs, right this way.

1. Mossify Bendable Moss Pole

The perfect moss pole for climbing plants, especially monstera. A must have in any plant collection!

Mossify Moss Pole, starting at $34.99

2. Grow Lights

Your plant fanatic friend can keep their plant babies happy all winter long with a Sunblaster T5HO lighting kit. Available in 24, 36 and 48 inch sizes, all kits include a T5HO Electronic ballast, 6400K lamp, power cord with on /off switch, and jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips. The NanoTech T5 Reflector spreads light wider across the plant canopy, penetrating deeper into the plant foliage, without consuming any additional power.

SunBlaster T5HO Combo Kit, starting at $59.99.

3. Rare Plant

Every collector loves a special and unique specimen, and B&K has the best selection of indoor plants on the Sunshine Coast! If you're not sure what's on their wish list, our houseplant experts would be happy to help you pick out the perfect plant for the plant lover in your life.

Alocasia 'Black Velvet', starting at $24.99

4. Premium Houseplant Fertilizer

This organic, responsibly sourced, Canadian made liquid seaweed concentrate fertilizer benefits all types of houseplants. Gift a set of these stylish bottles that any plant lover would be proud to display on their counter or plant shelf!

Plant Vitamins Thrive $29.99, and Boost $24.99

5. Mistr

Plant addicts are always striving to recreate the rainforest for their leafy friends, and Mossify's rechargeable, continuous Mistr is the best ultra-fine mister on the market.

Mossify Mistr, $44.99 *Arriving in-store late November - call to pre-order

Gift ideas for the new gardener

Gotta start somewhere! Gift the newbie gardener in your life any of these items to up their chances of success as they begin their gardening journey.

1. Tabletop Garden

Growing fresh herbs and produce at home has never been easier thanks to SunBlaster's Growlight Gardens, which eliminates the guesswork and complexity of successfully growing high quality food at home. Perfect for those just starting out!

SunBlaster Growlight Garden Micro, White, $149.99

2. Moisture Meter

Take the guesswork out of watering with a moisture meter. The user simply has to stick it in their plant's soil and let the meter tell them what to do!

Holland Greenhouse Moisture Meter, $14.99

3. Hand Tools

Every beginner gardener needs a set of quality tools. Help get them started with a few of the essentials. Tip: Wrap a few tools up in a cute garden pail or basket with some seed packets for cute presentation points!

Holland Greenhouse hand tools, $14.99

4. Galvanized Watering Can

Another essential no new gardener can go without: a good-sized watering can.

Holland Greenhouse 2-gallon zinc water can, $11.99

5. Gloves

Every beginner also needs a good set of gardening gloves! Grab a pair with conductive thumb and fingertips that can be used on smartphones so they can easily Google how-to's while they're getting their hands dirty.

Uptown Girl Gloves, $18.99

Gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast

We all know someone who loves nothing more than being outside in the garden, enjoying the piece of paradise they work so hard to build. These handy items will have them itching for spring!

1. A not-annoying hose

Most hoses are frustrating and unwieldy and most gardeners just put up with them. Get the gardener in your life a high quality hose like this one, which never kinks and doesn't hold shape memory.

New Line Serpent 5/8" 50' Hose, $99.99

2. ECHO Chainsaw

The outdoor enthusiast loves a shiny new power tool, and Echo's line up of chainsaws are built to tackle the toughest jobs! Whether it's pruning limbs, cutting firewood or taking down a whole tree, an ECHO chainsaw starts easy, runs smooth, and provides years of dependable performance.

ECHO Chainsaw CS-4910, $499.99

3. Rain Chain

Let the gardener in your life delight in the sight and sound of rain dancing down the delicate flower shaped cups of a beautiful copper rain chain.

Tulip Cup Rain Chain 96", $89.99

4. Wind Chimes

Gift the gentle tones of the Bells of Paradise every time the wind blows. Crafted from solid aluminum, this wind chime is a beautiful addition to the home, both audibly and visually.

Woodstock Bells of Paradise Blue wind chime 44", $139.99

5. Self-Watering System

For that person who loves their hanging baskets... but doesn't love watering them! Make their life easier with this simple irrigation system they can use to keep their baskets or planters well watered, without the work.

Plant Booster Self-Watering System, $99.99

6. Felco Pruner

Anyone who's had the misfortune of using a poorly made pruner will really appreciate the feel and of the Felco line! They are hands down the best choice for the serious gardener.

Felco Pruner #4, $134.99

7. Digital Water Timer

The best-selling Orbit Single-Port Hose Faucet Timer allows complete timer control functionality. The oversized dial cycles easily, making it effortless to set the clock, start time, duration and interval. A rain delay is built into the run program function, helping to conserve water at every opportunity. Using this timer also saves water in drought conditions!

Orbit Single-Port Digital Timer, $129.99

Gift ideas for the home decor aficionado

If you're not sure what to get that person in your life who loves interior decorating, we have a great selection of beautiful home decor items that are sure to trigger some oohs and ahhs!

1. Decorative Urn

These beautiful steel urns are watertight inside and could be used to pot a plant, or display flowers or other decorative items.

Ambrose Urn, $59.99

2. Metal Wall Art

An eye-catching piece of metal wall art is a great addition to any home or outdoor oasis.

Tree of Life, $49.99

3. Happy Place Sign

Whether its their home, garden or getaway spot, they can let everyone know its their happy place with this cute rustic enamel sign.

Happy Place Enamel Sign, $17.99

4. Laurel Silver Wreath on Stand

With a chic marble base and just the right amount of gold to make it pop, the Laurel Wreath makes an impression no matter where it's placed.

Laurel Wreath on Stand, $79.99

5. Prayer Beads

A lovely touch of Scandinavian style for any home. These beads are great for home decor lovers because the styling options are endless - they look fabulous on a coffee table, draped over books, or hung on the wall.

Prayer beads with concrete heart, $16.99

6. Wall Hanging

This striking wall hanging is printed on natural linen with a leather-like strap that holds sturdy, pine hangers. Your friend or family member can use them to create an inspired vignette in any space!

Coral Bloom Wall Hanging, 31x50", $59.99

Gift ideas for those with pandemic exhaustion

Who ISN'T feeling drained from the past two years?! If you know someone who could benefit from some extra zen vibes, creative pursuits or a new hobby to cheer them up, here are some unique ideas.

1. Terrarium Kit or Fairy Garden Kit

For those who are particularly weary of being so out of control with everything going on in the world today, the perfect gift is the parts to build a terrarium or a fairy garden. Give a container and the kit and you have the ingredients for a perfect little world over which the recipient of this gift has total influence.

SuperMoss Terrarium Kit, $24.99

2. Meditation Fountain

Bring some zen into your friend's workspace or home with a stylish piece of calming decor that fits on any tabletop, kitchen counter, living room table, bathroom sink or shelf.

Halo Meditation Fountain, $79.99

3. Plant Puzzle

We know plants are therapeutic, but have you ever tried tackling a plant puzzle to wind down your mind? Plus, what better way to spend a cold winter evening than with a mug of warm tea and a beautiful flower puzzle... Major hygge vibes.

Cavallini Vintage Houseplant Puzzle, $29.99

4. B&K Designer Planter

Our team is known for creating beautiful seasonal indoor and outdoor planters. Pick up a pre-made planter or we would be happy to pot up a custom creation to brighten up your loved one's space!

B&K Holiday Planter, $29.99

5. B&K Gift Card

We've said it before and we'll say it again: plants make people happy! If you're not sure what exactly to get this year but the gardening theme feels right, gift a B&K gift card so they can pick out their own perfect present.

Secret Santa gift ideas $25 and under

1. Amaryllis Kit

Touch of Wax Amaryllis make wonderful gifts, especially for non-gardeners, because they are carefree. No mess, no fuss, and they don't even require a pot or water; the waxed bulb has all the moisture and nutrients it needs to produce beautiful blooms for weeks in winter. Your gift recipient simply needs to place the bulb in a bright spot in their home where they watch the gorgeous trumpet shaped blooms unfurl!

Touch of Wax Amaryllis Bulb, $24.99

2. Local Honey

This honey is delicious, and bonus - it's made right in our own backyard! Roberts Creek Honey is a small scale, family operated company with hives located on private acreages and organically principled farms from Langdale to Wilson Creek. It's particularly lovely drizzled over Greek yogurt, cheese or caramelized pears.

Roberts Creek Honey, $15.99

3. Beach Terrarium Kit

Gift someone a fun, easy and creative way to bring the beauty of nature inside their home - Beach Terrarium Kits include all the elements required to create a multi-layered coastal inspired environment.

SuperMoss Beach Terrarium Kit, $24.99

4. Vintage Napkins

Brighten up your Secret Santa's dining table with these beautiful cloth napkins, made of 100% natural cotton. Each set includes four matching napkins packaged in a keepsake muslin drawstring bag. Designed with vintage images from the Cavallini archives.

Cavallini Vintage Napkins 'Botanica', set of four, $24.99

5. Potted Plant

Bring a little bit of nature into your Secret Santa's space with a cute potted plant. You can go festive, classic or modern with any plant + pot combo, and we're happy to help you pick one out that fits your budget.

Santa Mug Pot with Haworthia Zebra Succulent, $19.99

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