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CORE Foundations

Experience the power of the honeycomb! Create durable, stable, eco-friendly foundations in your personal space using CORE Foundations.

B&K now carries CORE Landscape Products' CORE Foundations, offering you a way to easily install pathways and driveways using grids that keep your gravel in place while maintaining the porosity of the surface, meaning the soil below stays healthy.  
CORE Foundations are great for garden paths, outdoor patios, driveways, hot tub & RV bases, xeriscaping, public access/local trails, wheelchair accessibility, strollers, and more.

We offer CORE Foundations in individual pieces and Handy Packs; see below for details or visit us in-store to learn more and check out our demo area!


CORE Path™ 38-18

Use the easy-install Core Path stabilizing grids with pre-attached geotextile weed suppressant fabric to create your new pathway. This light duty grid is designed to keep your gravel in one place while maintaining the porosity of the surface, meaning the soil below stays healthy. Great for garden paths, local trails, outdoor patios, xeriscaping, wheelchair accessibility, strollers, and more. 

Available in 40 sq.ft. Handy Packs for $179.99 or 9.9 sq.ft. panels for $34.99/ea


CORE Gravel™ 50-35

Use the easy-install Core Drive stabilizing grids to create your eco-friendly, stable gravel driveway complete with pre-attached non-rotting geotextile fabric. This standard heavy duty grid is designed to keep your gravel in one place while allowing the earth to breath and recharge the groundwater. Great for residential driveways, parking areas, public pathways, wheelchair access, and more. Minimal maintenance required.


Available in 33 sq.ft. Handy Packs for $199.99 or individual 9.7 sq.ft. panels for $39.99/ea

CORE Drive Ultra Heavy Duty™

Need a stronger foundation for your parking surface?

We’ve got you covered! Avoid the high cost of installing a concrete base for your pool, hot tub, sauna, RV, and more with Core Drive Heavy Duty commercial grade grid, complete with built-in lateral drainage features, attached non-rotting geotextile fabric, and a larger cell opening [if you’d like to use larger aggregate – max 15 mm (or 5/8”)].

Available in 62 sq.ft. Handy Packs for $399.99.


As seen on the Property Brothers

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott love incorporating CORE Foundations into their home improvement projects and have used it several times to create beautiful outdoor settings for celebrity renovations!

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