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13 Unique Gardening Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if your mom loves gardening, we have plenty of thoughtful and unique gift options to help her take her garden to the next level. Here are some of our favourite Mother's Day gift ideas for gardeners:

1. Gardening Tools

Every gardener needs a good set of gardening tools, and a set of high-quality tools will last for years. Consider purchasing a set of tools for Mom that includes the essentials: a trowel, pruners, and a cultivator.

2. Garden Kneeler & Seat

Gardening can be hard on the knees and back, so a garden kneeler and seat is a thoughtful gift that will make your mom's gardening experience more comfortable.

3. Gardening Gloves

Protect your mom's hands while she's working in the garden with a pair of high-quality gardening gloves. Choose a pair that is durable, comfortable, and provides ample protection.

4. Garden Decor

Enhance your mom's garden with beautiful and unique garden decor. Wind chimes, bird feeders, wind spinners and garden statues are just a few ideas to add a personal touch to her outdoor space. We have an excellent selection of all of the above!

5. A Statement Plant

Go beyond the bouquet and gift mom a special plant that will provide lasting joy and remind her of you when she's out enjoying her garden. Go for something simple like lavender in a nice deco pot, or perhaps she'd love a David Austin rose bush or a small specimen tree. We have an excellent selection of roses, trees & shrubs that she's sure to love!

6. Seed Packets

Encourage your mom to try new plants and expand her garden with a variety of seed packets. Look for heirloom or organic seeds, or choose plants that are native to your area.

7. Hanging Baskets

Treat Mom to a special surprise when you skip the cut flowers and give her a basket of blooms that will last all summer! With a huge selection of flowering annuals, beautiful baskets, and potting supplies, we can help you build the perfect hanging basket to wow Mom this year. We can also help you select from our assortment of Proven Winners® combo baskets.

8. Garden Soil or Mulch

Treat your mom to a yard or two of garden soil or bark mulch delivered right to her home, to help her enhance her garden for the season ahead. Call 604-886-0924 to get it set up!

9. Plant Up a Seasonal Container Together

Create an experience she'll remember forever by bringing her into our store to select a pot and some pretty annual flowers, and then spend the afternoon planting up a beautiful design together!

10. Nature-themed Puzzle

Check out our collection of Cavallini Papers' vintage-inspired, nature themed puzzles, notebooks, aprons, tea towels and more. The beautiful designs are sure to make any mom smile.

11. Gift Basket of Gardening Goodies

Fill up a practical container like one of our planter pots or Cavallini totes with gardening gear such as pruners, a trowel, a pair of gloves, some seed packets, and a waterproof notepad.

12. B&K Club Membership

An annual membership to our store makes a great gift! For just $25, sign your mom up and she'll receive 10% off all her purchases on plants, pottery, tools, pond supplies and Nurseryland products every time she shops at B&K!

13. B&K Gift Card

If you know mom loves to garden but you're not sure what to get her, you can't go wrong with a B&K Gift Card! Available in any denomination, gift cards can be purchased in store or prepaid for over the phone and picked up in-store.

As you can see, there are countless gift ideas for the gardener mom in your life that are sure to make her Mother's Day extra special. Whether she’s an experienced gardener with a green thumb or a novice who just dabbles in growing herbs on her windowsill, she’s sure to love a plant-themed treat, and she'll appreciate your thoughtfulness and love for her gardening hobby!

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