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Soil 101: Starting from the Ground Up

Whether you're planting a veggie garden, designing annual containers or amending the soil in your flower beds, choosing the correct soil will play a large part in your growing success.

Here are some guidelines to help explain the different types of soil and how to use them in your gardening projects:

B&K Garden Mix

- Excellent for veggies, garden beds, trees & shrubs

- Available in bulk


- Adds nutrients and organic matter

- Holds moisture

- Use to topdress flower beds and vegetable gardens

- Available in bulk

Turf Mix

- Great for lawns

- Available in bulk

Steer Manure

- Ideal for new and established lawns, around shrubs & trees, on flower beds and vegetable gardens

- Available in bulk and in 10kg bags

Bark Mulch

- Ideal for top-dressing flower and garden beds

- Helps reduce weeds, retain soil moisture, reduce erosion and stabilize soil temperature while improving the aesthetic of your garden

- Two colours available: Bright Red-Brown and Dark Brown

- Available in bulk

Fish Soil (Organic)

- Exclusive and premium blend of rendered fish and peat moss that provides a rich organic media suitable for all trees, shrubs, and even bedding and veggie plants

- Optimal for use when transplanting trees or shrubs - this media will give your plants a jump start in their new home! The organic matter holds moisture making it a sound choice for container growing and rejuvenating tired soil.

- Ready-to-use from the bag, no fish odor

- Available in 24L and 50L bags

Bagged Potting Mix

- Nurseryland All Purpose Mix - specially formulated for growing plants and flowers in containers. Available in 24L and 50L bags

- Nurseryland Container Mix - specially formulated for growing plants and flowers in containers. Lightweight soil that holds moisture while allowing drainage. Available in 50L bags

- Nurseryland Organic Potting Soil - Ready to use organic and natural potting mix perfect for growing vegetables and herbs. Available in 20L and 45L bags.

Bulk Products

Our Bulk Yard is always open for pick-up of Garden Mix, Turf Mix, Compost, Steer Manure and Bark Mulch. You can purchase these products by the tractor scoop (1/2 cubic yard) or by the 5-gallon pail. Visit our Products page for more information.

Delivery of bulk products can also be booked! We deliver anywhere on the Sunshine Coast and can usually accommodate same-day delivery. Call us at 604-886-0924 to schedule a delivery!

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