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11 Thoughtful Valentine's / Galentine's Day Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine's / Galentine's Day than with gifts that bloom and grow? At B&K, we have a great selection of botanical treasures that will make your heart skip a beat. Whether you're shopping for a romantic partner or a cherished friend, these gifts from the heart of nature are sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. Flowering Plants:

  • Choose a sweet potted plant for your special someone's indoor garden, like an elegant orchid, exotic bromeliad, or fragrant jasmine hoop - or pick up a gift that will brighten up their wintertime landscape, such as a hellebore, primrose, daphne or camellia.

2. Dried Flower Bouquets:

  • Love is timeless, and so are our dried flower bouquets! They’re the ideal alternative to fresh-cut flowers because they’re not only everlasting - just like your love - but also double up as long-term decor.

3. Customized Garden Kit:

  • Create a personalized gardening kit with seeds, soil, and small pots. Include plants that have symbolic meanings, such as lavender for love, sunflowers for warmth, forget-me-nots for everlasting love, or basil for a sprinkle of spice in your growing relationship.

4. Decorative Planters:

  • Select stylish and decorative planters or pots that match your partner's taste. Choose from a variety of materials, colours and styles.

5. Ornamental Trees:

  • Consider gifting a small specimen tree. It's a lasting symbol of growth and can be planted in the garden or even in a large pot on the balcony.

6. Garden Decor:

  • Explore our garden decor section for unique ornaments and accessories. From whimsical bird feeders to cute garden signs, decorative stakes, sculptures, wind chimes, rain chains and more... these items add a touch of personality to outdoor spaces and make for charming gifts.

7. Flirty Foliage Plants

  • Gift your plant-loving Valentine a new houseplant as a token of your affection. Bonus points if it represents love, such as a hoya heart, heart-leaf philodendron, pink nerve plant, string of hearts, or anthurium.

8. Gardening Tools and Accessories:

  • Upgrade your partner's gardening tools or include unique accessories like stylish gloves, new watering can, a comfortable kneeler, or a gardening apron.

9. Succulent Arrangements:

  • Succulents are the perfect gift for those who appreciate low-maintenance greenery. Create a stunning succulent arrangement in an elegant container for a chic and modern expression of your affection.

10. Quirky Plant-themed Accessories

  • Show your nature-loving Valentine your appreciation for them with a fun garden-themed treat, such as a monstera leaf phone holder, handheld hummingbird feeder, punny cactus mug, or vintage puzzle.

11. Botanical Prints

  • Choose from our collection of vintage art posters featuring illustrations of plants and flowers, to add a touch of botanical beauty to your love's home or garden shed.

This Valentine's Day, express your love with gifts that reflect the beauty and growth of your relationship or friendship. Visit B&K and let nature inspire the perfect gift for your loved one!

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